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8 Best Multivitamin Supplements For Vegans 2022: Ultimate Guide

Finding the right multivitamin mix can be extremely difficult if you’re vegan. Even though most mixtures are made so that they use organic materials free of animal products, finding a 100% vegan option can be stressful. While there are a lot of vegetarian-friendly options in the market, finding a product that doesn’t use anything from animal origin requires a little more hard work and research.

Given that people lead busy and occupied life, researching and trying out different options is often out of option. That’s why we’re here. We tried and reviewed the 8 best multivitamin supplements for vegan. You won’t have to read extensive documentation, contact the sellers and worry yourself over confusing compounds.

In this article guide, we included the most natural options to get your daily source of vitamins to lead a healthy and energized lifestyle, while also promoting nature and a vegan lifestyle.

Best Multivitamin Supplements For Vegans: Quick Product Summary

Multivitamins are often used to boost immune response in the body, which in turn helps with battling viral and bacterial infections, while also improving the overall health and immune processes that happen in the body. Usually, we’re supposed to get the proper vitamins for these chemical reactions from fruits, vegetables, exposure to the sun, and other activities, but due to busy lifestyles and hustling culture, it gets much harder.

Studies suggest that vegan athletes should consume multivitamin supplements to replenish the loss of vitamins and minerals, especially as they’re limited on the vitamin intake from meat, eggs, and dairy. Another study concluded that vitamins and minerals are important in a vegan diet.

Whether you’re a vegan or not, it’s necessary to have a proper intake of vitamins A, C, D, and E to ensure that your body gets the energy it needs to run the immune system. Vitamin B and B complex are also essential, but they regulate metabolic and hormonal balance in the body, which, in a way, is also important for keeping your immunity boasted.

Before we get to the reviews of the best multivitamin supplements for vegans, let’s take a look at some precautions vegans should take, and what there is to consider when shopping for multivitamin supplements.

Buying A Vegan Multivitamin Supplement: Ultimate Guide

Here you can learn more about some elements that are added to the vegan multivitamin supplements. This section will help you focus on certain things while avoiding potentially harmful ingredients, especially those that are obscured animal products.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Vegan Multivitamin Supplement
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It’s Not A Substitute For Healthy Diet

The first thing you need to understand when getting a multivitamin mixture is that they can’t become the basis of your daily nutritional intake. Supplements are there to supply your already-existing diet. They shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach, or completely substitute food.

Multivitamin supplements work the best when they’re taken during or after a meal. Depending on what shape they come in, you can even shred them into the blender with your favorite daily smoothie and take it like that.

This doesn’t only apply to vegans, it works with omnivores too. Due to the different lifestyles we lead, our daily food intake doesn’t provide enough vitamins or nutritional minerals. That’s why we use supplements, to aid our nutrition – definitely not to replace it!

Consider The Additional Minerals

If you already took multivitamins of any kind, you must know that it’s not only vitamins sitting inside the tablet, usually, there are nutritional minerals such as magnesium and others. Here, we’ll tell you what elements you should consider in your multivitamin mix for better supplemental effects.

  • Zinc – Zinc is one of the most important immunity-boosting elements. It also aids the digestive tract and improves the metabolic rate. Vegans often suffer from Zinc and Iron deficiency, which is why the supplement needs to contain a Zinc mineral that isn’t sourced from animals.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium has more benefits than one can count on fingers. It’s responsible for aiding numerous critical chemical reactions. It improves our bones, nervous system, digestive tract, immunity and even aids our sleep health.
  • Folic Acid – If you’re pregnant and don’t want to switch off the vegan lifestyle, you should consider using Folate or Folic Acid which helps treat inflammation inside the body and prevent infections that could potentially harm the baby.
  • Iodine – These elements help regulate the function of the thyroid and other glands in the body, while also aiding the digestive tract and helping prevent birth defects.
  • Calcium – Calcium is important for bone growth and strengthening of the body. It’s found in animal products like milk. That means it’s essential for vegans to get it from the multivitamin mixes.

There Are Things You Should Avoid Too

Oftentimes people who are new to the vegan lifestyle or too naïve to read the product labels don’t see that some animal products are obscured behind their scientific terms that no one knows about. Here are the notorious animal products are hidden in the vegan product labels you should avoid:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids derived from animal products
  • Animal Gelatin
  • Animal Glycerin
  • Carmine
  • Lanolin

Also, make sure to shop for the multivitamin packages that are free of the following synthetical and artificial elements:

  • Food dyes
  • Artificial flavors
  • Aspartame

Consider The Type Of Supplement

As you may know, multivitamin supplements can come in different shapes, even for vegans. That’s okay, but not everyone is okay with taking certain types like tablets. Some people are more comfortable with blending it in their daily smoothie, which is why we take different types into the account.

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Softgels
  • Powder
  • Liquid
  • Gummies

Are They GMO-Free?

One of the big concerns for using multivitamins packaged into tablets, pills, or other supplements is that they could contain GMO materials. That’s why you always need to ensure that the pill is registered in the GMP facility within the USA to confirm that there is a promise or guarantee that the tablets don’t contain harmful materials or GMO materials. This is a big concern for a lot of people, so we understand why someone prefers to have to make sure that all the materials in the formula are natural.

Are They Gluten-Free?

Gluten remains one of the biggest concerns of vegans. Being vegan also means being gluten-intolerant, which is why it’s important to search for multivitamins that don’t contain any gluten-rich materials. Sometimes, it’s hard to ensure that, but we made sure to include Gluten-free options in our lists too.

Which Vitamins Are Included?

Of course, we know that multivitamin is a mix of multiple vitamins that help boost our immune system. As mentioned earlier, oftentimes that includes Vitamin A, C, D, E, sometimes even vitamin K and K2. But, what are those vitamins and what do they do? Does a multivitamin need to include all these vitamins together? Is it okay if there are some other ones?

You’ll see a mixture of vitamins with minerals and other nutritional metals from the list above. Sometimes, a multivitamin can also contain other vitamins, which is exactly why it’s called a multivitamin.

  • Vitamin A helps strengthen the immunity system and provide a swift immune response to infections, which leads to a faster time to heal completely.
  • Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that helps provide a swift immune response while killing off any viral and bacterial infections. It also improves digestive and urinal tracts, while helping with periods. It’s sourced from citrus plants and fruits.
  • Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D3 is especially important when it comes to spending time outside. Oftentimes, getting enough of this vitamin is quite difficult, especially if you live in some darker areas during the winter. There’s food containing Vitamin D3, but it often doesn’t suffice the requirements our body needs. That’s why Vitamin D3 is a welcome vitamin to the immune boost, especially during the flu season.
  • Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant. It helps our skin breathe, and with that improves the response of immune cells in our organism. It’ll fasten the recovery times, and also improve the state of our digestive tract, skin, and hair.
  • Vitamin K is known for providing balance to the regulatory glands in our body like the thyroid. It also lowers the risk for thyroid cancer, as well as breast disease.

Vitamin B complex which usually includes vitamin B6 and B12 is also incredibly important to vegans. Studies estimate that a lot of vegetarians suffer from vitamin B deficiency. This number is likely higher for vegans. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to replenish vitamin B.

Editor’s note: Keep in mind that taking multivitamins with a concentration of 200% or 300% can do you more harm than good. There’s always a certain recommended daily dosage for different vitamins which changes with our needs and deficiencies. Even though overdosing on vitamins doesn’t come with anything worse than nausea or diarrhea, it’s still important to be cautious.

Does It Include Probiotics?

Probiotics are known as special bacteria that help improve our gut flora and overall digestive system. This is a great option for people who want to take sugar-free vitamins or have a problem with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome.) Probiotics calm down your nervous guts and make digesting easier. Probiotics are usually located in dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Given that vegans don’t take dairy, probiotic intake through multivitamins is more than necessary.

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8 Best Multivitamin Supplements For Vegans

Now that we highlighted everything that you need to know about getting a vegan-built vitamin supplement for you or your dear ones, here are the 8 best multivitamin supplements for Vegans that we tested and reviewed with utmost attention to detail.

Best Overall: Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

  • Type: Tablet
  • Amount: 90
  • Daily Intake: 1 per day
Deva Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement
Know More Details on Amazon

Balanced vitamin intake is something that everyone expects even during a busy lifestyle. DEVA Vegan multivitamin coated tablets contain everything that ensures a comfortable experience for vegans. It’s rich in numerous minerals and nutrients, including the whole B complex and vitamin B12. There’s also a sufficient amount of Vitamin D that ensures the proper function of the immune system.

The tablets are 100% vegan, and 100% free of any animal products. In addition to that, the tablets are GMO-free and manufactured in the GMP-approved facility. Taking these nutrients is more than important for staying healthy and not experience any deficiencies like vitamin or iron deficiencies, which are associated with consuming meat.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is no yeast, wheat, or any other gluten product that could potentially affect your health. The tablets are delicious, but you should restrict yourself to one per day, and always take them with the corresponding meal or after having it.

While the pills are quite delicious and they won’t make you any problems in terms of bitterness or sour taste, we have to point out that the tablets are quite large, more so than the Tylenol tablets of 500mg. With that in mind, we suggest either melting the tablet or putting it in a blender with a smoothie or a shake.

Runner Up: Amazon Brand – Solimo Adult Multivitamin

  • Type: Gummies
  • Amount: 150
  • Daily Intake: 2 per day
Amazon Brand - Solimo Adult Multivitamin
Know More Details on Amazon

If you’re not a fan of tablets, pills, or capsules and you don’t have a blender that can mince them to the point they’re invisible, you could try the mixed berry and cherry-flavored gummies that will awaken all your senses. The label is linked as vegetarian, but we’ve seen no suspicious materials that could hint that it contains eggs, dairy, or meat. Moreover, there’s no gelatin which is often the hidden ingredient of animal products.

Instead, they’re pectin-based gummies rich in different vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. Additionally, there’s the Vitamin B complex, consisting of Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12. There’s a total of 150 gummies, making for 75 days, given that you need to take two per day.

With this mixture of vitamins, you’re guaranteed to have a better immune response and feel more balanced and energized throughout the day, especially if you work a tasking job.

Editor’s notes: It’s important to note that some people may have difficulties chewing these gummies as they stick on the teeth too hard. Other than that, they have a flawless taste and are addictive in the process.

Best Budget: T-RQ, Adult Gummy, Multi-Vitamins

  • Type: Gummies
  • Amount: 60
  • Daily Intake: 2 per day
T-RQ, Adult Gummy, Multi-Vitamins
Know More Details on Iherb

The good quality multivitamin mix doesn’t have to be over-expensive for your wallet. Instead, it can have quite an approachable price, and not compromise on quality and taste. This gummy package consists of 60 gummies shared on two gummies a day. That means that a single person would need to eat two a day.

It’s a dietary supplement, so it’s still advised to eat them together with a nutritional meal, regardless of being a vegan. You don’t have to worry about artificial colors or flavors, everything is natural. It tastes like a mix of cherries and lemons. You may not see much of this mixture anywhere, but it’s delightful and refreshing.

It’s rich in all the vitamins that ensure the proper immune response in cold conditions and during the flu season. It consists of vitamin A, C, D, E, and Vitamin B complex with Folate. When it comes to potential animal products and gluten, it’s free of those elements.

Best For Men: NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin for Men

  • Type: Capsules
  • Amount: 120
  • Daily Intake: 4 per day
NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin for Men
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If you’re a man who is trying to trigger his immune response and normalize hormones and other chems in the body, try NATURELO whole foods multivitamin supplements. The plant-based vitamins and minerals include the D3 vitamin that is sourced from lichen, while Vitamin E sources its antioxidant properties from sunflowers. Magnesium and calcium originate from marine algae.

Both vitamins and minerals are sourced from fruits and vegetables, which justifies the whole foods in their name. They are designed to improve the function of muscles, clean out and power up the blood and increase the overall health during the virus season.

Besides other ingredients, it also contains Ginseng which helps with blood circulation, speeds it up, and boosts your brain, which improves alertness and focuses in a natural way. They also improve the function of the prostate in older men.

Editor’s notes: Some people may have difficulties taking 4 capsules per day. That’s why supplements with one capsule daily are the best.

Best for Women: Garden of Life Mykind Organics

  • Type: Gummies
  • Amount: 120
  • Daily Intake: 4 per day
Garden of Life Mykind Organics
Know More Details on Amazon

Not all women are comfortable with taking gummies, but these are worth every try. Organic gummies are rich in vitamins from 9 organic whole fruits. They use clean gummy technology, which means that all the ingredients are derived from whole fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to worry about the obscured candy ingredients like gelatin from pork or corn starch.

This option is particularly for women because they support perimenopause and menopause, as well as different hormonal processes that women go through. With that in mind, this multivitamin blend can help keep the body of every woman balanced, healthy, and strong. The D3 vitamin is sourced from plants and consists of 800 IU.

The gummies are USDA organic-certified and have a non-GMO standard for health and safety. They also taste great and are made with pectin.

Editor’s notes: If you’re not a fan of gummies, keep in mind that Garden of Life also makes capsules for women. However, vitamin D3 is sourced from sheep wool, so that may raise ethical questions about what is vegan and what not. Both are effective, but it’s up to you to decide what works the best for your vegan lifestyle.

Best for Children: Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Organic Kids Multivitamin

  • Type: Gummies
  • Amount: 60
  • Daily Intake: 1-2 per day
Amazon Brand - Mama Bear Organic Kids Multivitamin
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Mama Bear Organic Kids multivitamin is the safest and healthiest option for your child, two years or older. If your child is younger than four, we suggest taking 1 per day as specified in the label. For older children, two gummies per serving are the best option to ensure optimal function of the immune system.

There is a myriad of flavors including cherry, berry, and orange flavors. The gummies are shaped in different forms, to make eating them exciting, but be careful when chewing, even though they’re soft and sweet.

The formula ensures that there is sufficient nutritional value for children. Still, these are not advised as replacements of highly nutritional food as well as fruits and vegetables. Besides being vegan, they’re also gluten-free and organic, which is ideal for kids with both gluten and lactose intolerance.

One of the best offers that the Mama Bear has is that you can return the product within one year of purchase if you’re not satisfied. That’s right, there’s a one-year trial period!

Editor’s notes: The gummies are a little sticky and may stick to the teeth. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your children are chewing properly.

Best Liquid Vegan Multivitamin: Morning Liquid Vitamins by MaryRuth’s

  • Type: Liquid
  • Amount: 32 fl oz
  • Daily Intake: 1 serving (1 oz) a day
Morning Liquid Vitamins by MaryRuth's
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Some people have difficulties swallowing pills and capsules, and that’s okay. That’s why MaryRuth’s liquid morning vitamin mix is just what you need to start your day refreshed, energized, and more importantly, healthy.

The blend is rich with vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, which will move your digestive tract, improve blood circulation and ensure that your immune system is working at full strength especially during the cold and flu seasons.

It also contains vitamin D3, which is the preferred form of vitamin D for bone growth and strength, as well as the immune system. Take one serving every morning, and within the month you’ll see improvement in your skin, nails, hair, overall mood and how rested you feel.

Given its formula, it’s also safe to say that it’s hypoallergenic, as it’s gluten-free, fish-free, and nut-free.

Editor’s notes: Some artificial sweeteners will make this product taste too swift for some.

Best Probiotic Multivitamin For Vegans: Supplements Studio Daily Vegan Whole Food Multivitamin

  • Type: Capsules
  • Amount: 90 capsules
  • Daily Intake: 3 capsules per day
Supplements Studio Daily Vegan Whole Food Multivitamin
Know More Details on Amazon

If you suffer from IBS or other condition that destabilizes your gut flora, then taking a probiotic-rich multivitamin is worth it. Everything is made out of vegan compounds and no artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors.

It uses whole foods like citrus blend, mushrooms, herbs, Zinc, 3 Strain probiotics, and various vitamins that will ensure that your immune system is in a good condition. Some of those vitamins include vitamin A, B-complex, C, D3, E, and vitamin K2. Other minerals include iron, zinc, and Biotin.

Besides the probiotics, vitamins and the minerals, you can also find CoQ10, L-Arginine HCI, L-Carnitine that help with the cardiovascular health. All in all, with 3 capsules a day, you’re secure for a month, which is how much is necessary for you to see the positive impact of the vitamins and probiotics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Multivitamin Supplements for Vegans

Shopping for vegan multivitamin supplements is nowhere near easy, that’s why we compiled the best supplements for vegans. Still, we took some time answering some commonly asked questions for purchasing multivitamin supplements.

What Vitamins Should You Take As Vegan?

Because they don’t take meat, eggs, or dairy, vegans may face some difficulties getting the right vitamins and active minerals. That’s why supplements are some of the best options for vegans who need to balance their nutrition.

With that in mind, taking the Vitamin B complex (Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B12) is one of the important vitamins for vegans. Vitamin C is normally sourced from citrus fruits which vegans mostly take regularly. Also, vitamin D3 is often absorbed through sunlight or certain animal products like fish, so it’s important to find a vegetable-based vitamin D3 source.

What Is The Best Multivitamin For Vegans?

Out of all the multivitamins we listed, we find Deva Vegan multivitamin the best option for all vegans. It’s rich in all the vitamins and minerals that vegans need to feel strong, healthy, and rested enough. More importantly, vegan athletes need to regularly get vitamin supplements to replenish the lost energy after the sports activities and training that they go through.

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