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Best Weight Gainers for Skinny Guys (to Be Bigger and Healthy)

A lot of guys struggle with gaining weight, or mass when they start out exercising. If you’re a gym freak, you may end up pretty disappointed when you notice that your diet and workout routine is not paying off. There are many reasons for that, but one of them could be that you’re not taking enough proteins and vitamins that are necessary for mass gain.

if you can’t get enough proteins, vitamins, carbs, and other nutrients from your diet, you must check some nutrients out first. For a lot of people weight loss is extremely challenging, but weight gain can be as challenging for others.

In this article, we’ll count and recommend the best weight gainers for skinny guys who are enthusiastic about building their body mass and gain weight.

Here are the best weight gainers for skinny guys we found:

Things To Consider Before Shopping for Weight Gainers

Weight gainers, often called mass gainers are a sort of supplement that is often powdered and taken as a shake. They’re rich in proteins, vitamins, and necessary carbs that will help you quickly gain weight and build body mass if you’re exercising.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, mass gainer
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They are food for bones and muscle, so it’s often said that they are used to pump up the muscle mass while gaining weight in the process.

Shaping your physique and gaining the necessary weight is a challenge for some people, which is why they refer to protein supplements that, in addition to protein and carb-rich diets help gain extra weight.

Other than the necessary proteins and carbs, weight gainers sport various macronutrients and micronutrients. Still, one of the most important ingredients for gym freaks who are building muscles is creatine, the key muscle-pumping nutrient.

Key Nutrients in Weight Gainers

When you’re shopping for the weight gainer you need, here are the nutrients you should be attentive about.


Most of the protein-rich weight gainers have Whey Isolate or Whey Hydrolysate. Whey is the primary source of proteins because it helps with muscle mass and definition.

Both of the aforementioned proteins will help with muscle and weight build, but there are distinct differences, regarding digestion. There is also whey concentrate which is often chosen because of the lower protein content.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, protein
Image Source: Harold P. Freeman


All of the protein-rich weight gainers also have carbohydrates in them, because carbs are fueling the body with the energy it gets by burning calories.

When considering the ratio between proteins and carbs, it’s good to have 3:1 carbs to protein. The carbs are usually similar to oatmeal.


Vegetable-starch powder that is used to enhance the flavor and add more shelf life. It can also help boost the energy and performance of athletes inside weight gainers.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are extremely important because all that carb and protein mixture can make your stomach feel a bit overwhelmed. They speed up digestion and prevent discomfort like bloating, burping, or stomach reflux.

Minimal sugars

When shopping for a good weight gainer search for those where sugar is only incorporated into the carbs. Usually, low-quality and inexpensive weight gainers come in high quantities of sugar. It’d be wise to avoid that.


Creatine is an important ingredient of good-quality weight gainers, but it’s not necessary, especially in the low-price options. It’s a good source of energy for building muscle mass and can produce ATP.

Creatine is a nutrient that our body produces too, so it’s important to know that protein-rich foods like fish and meat help absorb it.


Help you push the toxins out of your body quicker. They are often neglected in daily diets.


A lot of food supplements that help you gain weight are rich in a variety of vitamins like Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex.

How Do Weight Gainers Help Gain Weight?

Weight gainers are usually combined with excessive training. That’s because our body needs more energy than it gets from taking carbs, protein, and other nutrients found in weight gainers.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, muscle growth
Image Source: Harold P. Freeman

A lot of workout enthusiasts get enough energy from food because their intense workout routine is combined with large plate portions.

However, if the body doesn’t receive enough energy from the food and spends too much energy when exercising, that can lead to loss of muscles. A lot of people who lift and workout, in particular, do this with weight gainers.

Usually, people don’t get enough energy from the food they are eating, or don’t have time to make large, protein-rich meals. That’s why they use weight gainers to get enough energy and prevent a reduction in muscle mass.

The weight gain after using protein and maltodextrin-rich weight gainers was documented by a study.

Preparing the weight gainer-made shake isn’t that hard, and doesn’t take a lot of time, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. Additionally, because these supplements are rich in carbs and proteins and a lot more muscle fuel, you will get muscle mass, and won’t gain fat weight.

However, you should take these supplements properly to get the desired results, and exercise frequently.

Benefits of Weight Gainers

If you choose to take weight gainers as one of the measures to gain weight and build muscle mass, that’s because your daily meals don’t give you enough energy to burn with a workout or daily routine.

While weight gainer shakes aren’t designed to completely replace the effects of eating, they are a great supplement that can support your intense workout routines.

With that in mind. Weight gainers can help you:

  • Gain weight when your daily meals don’t surpass the energy you spent through the day, according to a study.
  • They are a great source of proteins and mass which are important when building muscles and defining them.
  • They’ll help you gain weight if you’re struggling with gaining it.
  • They offer a different level of calorie values.
  • Can help you recover from a strong and intensive workout and rebuild your muscle tissue quicker.

Disadvantages And Potential Risks of Weight Gainers

There are many benefits of using weight gainers to gain weight, especially if you’re skinny. However, there are potential side effects if you don’t stick to the recommended label. Don’t exceed the recommended amount, as there are notable side effects.

  • Creating, often found in high-quality supplements can result in liver damage.
  • Weight gainers, because low-fat composition can result in lowered blood pressure. While this is good for people who have high blood pressure, it’s bad for people who already struggle with it.
  • It can result in headaches and nausea
  • It can cause stomach problems like bloating, gases, cramps, and pain.
  • Can be bad for kidneys in the long run.
  • Some options are rich in caffeine which can cause dehydration.

Our Top 8 Selections of Best Weight Gainers

Below, we counted and recommended the best weight (mass) gainers, and how they can help you depending on any condition.

1. Best Overall: Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer

Optimum Nutrition is a great option to kickstart your weight gain and muscle-shaping journey.

That’s exactly why we chose it to be our best overall option, as it’s rich in all the necessary nutrients to gain weight in no time.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, serious mass
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Proprietary Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Sweet Dairy Whey, Egg Albumen), Creatine, Vitamin C, D, E, Zinc
  • Flavors: Chocolate, banana, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, vanilla, cookies & cream.
  • Calories per serving: 1,250 calories

With 1,250 calories per serving, you can kickstart your weight gain and exercising routine, as long as you’re ready to burn as much when exercising.

The formula is rich in 50 grams of protein per serving and available in different tastes. Additionally, it boasts 250 grams of carbs per serving. The complete formula is rich in 25 vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E.

Additionally, there’s Zinc that ensures that your body has great immunity and endurance when exercising. Aside from the vitamins and minerals, there is also creatin which is food for muscles, as well as glutamine.

As mentioned above, it’s available in different tastes and can be prepared easily, using a blender. You can blend it with fresh or frozen fruits, as well as other carbs and protein sources like nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, and others which can help you gain weight effectively.

Editor’s note: The 1,250 calorie option may be too much for beginners. If you decide to begin weight lifting or exercising with Optimum Nutrition powder, it’s best to start with ½ dose.

2. Runner Up: NOW Sports Nutrition, Carbo Gain Powder

When it comes to a more beginner-friendly option, NOW Sports Nutrition is a better option, as there are 250 calories per serving.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, NOW Sports
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Maltodextrin delivered from GMO-free corn, Calcium
  • Flavors: Unflavored
  • Calories per serving:250 calories

The carbo gain powder is produced in a GMP-complying facility with top-notch quality assurance. Carbo Gain uses pure maltodextrin which is a complex macro carbohydrate. It’s delivered from corn that is free of any GMO-processes.

Given that maltodextrin is made of chains of glucose molecules also known as glucose polymers, the digestion and processing are quite easy for the metabolism so you don’t have to worry about burping, acid reflux, bloating, and other issues for the stomach. It also absorbs rapidly, especially if you exercise regularly after taking it.

Now Sports Nutrition carbo powder focuses more on a rich carbs diet as opposed to the diet that’s backed by proteins. Also, because of the lower calorie count, you can take multiple servings a day, or less if you’re just starting and need just a minimal supplementation from your day-to-day diet.

As compared to our first choice the carbo gain powder has a mild and rather neutral taste. Nevertheless, it can be mixed with other oats, carbs, and proteins to add a stronger taste. That means you’d need to add chocolate or vanilla extract. Not everyone may like that.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately for some, this powder isn’t flavored, which is a deal-breaker for a lot of people. Nevertheless, the taste is mild and not affected so hardly. Additionally, some people may mind that there are no proteins or creatine, which are both important for muscle development. The key benefits of this powder are gaining carbs.

3. Best Budget: MRM All Natural Gainer

Weight gainer supplements are normally hard to find at an affordable price. However, MRM All Natural Gainer that is available in various tastes is relatively affordable and a great value for the price.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, MRM
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Natural Protein Optimizer (Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate, Instantized Calcium,  Fructose, Opti-fat, Cocoa
  • Flavors: Chocolate
  • Calories per serving: Three scoops of powder make 500 calories.

It’s rich in proteins, probiotics, prebiotics, and essential amino acids that will stimulate your metabolism and immune system.

Even though it’s budget-friendly, it has a focus on the protein-enriched formula with 25 grams of complete protein. It’s also worth mentioning that this formula is a non-GMO formula that is organic, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans, despite the protein label.

Still, to ensure a swift and effective weight gain, this formula is also rich in maltodextrin, as well as fructose sugar, which absorbs fast and feeds your muscles and metabolism. It also has healthy sweeteners such as stevia and comes in chocolate flavor from cocoa.

Editor’s note: Even though this budget-friendly option has a great nutritional value, we mind the lack of creatin and vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

4. Rivalus Clean Gainer

If you’re an athlete who wants to boost your mass and muscular performance, you should try the Rivalus Clean Gainer option for your workout routines. Many options come with over 1,000 calories per serving, such as our best overall option.

Still, if you’re a beginner or already have a powerful workout routine, 560 calories per serving can do wonders for your mass and muscle build-up.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, Rivalus
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Whey Isolate, Milk Isolate, Complex Carbs, Organic Quinoa, Sunflower Oil, Wild Blueberry, Avocado, Flax Seed
  • Flavors: Chocolate, Cookies, Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut butter
  • Calories per serving: 560 calories

This gainer uses a dairy protein blend, which contains 30g per serving. Additionally, it boasts a complex carb blend which is a total of 90g and 8g of sugar, which is great for people who are keeping a sugar-free diet.

The formula has minimal fat and that essential, unsaturated fats that originate from sunflower, flax, and avocado extracts.

It’s safe for sports. Moreover, what also makes it great is that it’s easy to mix and prepare, as well as mix with other fruits, extracts, carbs, and whatever you prefer. It also comes in various flavors.

Editor’s note: It lacks creatin and some essential vitamin elements to make it a perfect pick. It also feels a little hard on the stomach, especially if you have digestive problems such as irritable gut syndrome.

5. BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer

BSN True-MASS weight gainer is ideal if you’re neither a beginner nor actively using weight gaining supplements.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, BSN
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Milk Protein Isolate, whey Protein Isolate, Maltodextrin, Sunflower Powder
  • Flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla Ice-cream, Chocolate, Cookies & cream
  • Calories per serving: 700 calories

This formula is designed for everyone in the middle, thanks to its 700 calories count per serving. Of course, you can adjust the amount and number of serving, but this option is definitely for people who don’t have strong, carb-rich meals.

When it comes to the ratio of carbs and protein, this formula contains 2:1 for the carbs. It’s an ideal blend of carbs and proteins, with 45-50 grams of protein, including whey isolate, micellar casein, hydrolyzed whey protein, as well as egg whites. There are also some sensitive ingredients like soy and fish, which means this isn’t the best option for vegans.

You can easily make shakes, and blend them with other nutrients like oats, fresh and frozen fruits, and other proteins from 30 to 60 seconds in an electric blender.

What we noticed is that there is no creatin, which is essential for muscle growth. Nevertheless, there’s great protein value in this formula, so you don’t have to worry about the buildup of your muscle mass. What’s also important is that this formula was developed to aid athletes who practice intense workout and help with sore muscles and the overall recovery.

Editor’s note: There are no vitamins we find essential, nor the creatin. Additionally, there are some sensitive ingredients like fish, soy, milk, and eggs. It’s worth mentioning that the colors and some flavors are artificial, so it might not be the best idea for those with super-sensitive stomachs.

6. Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Powder

Your weight-gaining experience can also be a delicious one, thanks to the Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder which is available in 28 servings.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, Muscle Milk
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Milk protein isolate, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, alkalized cocoa powder, whey protein concentrate, non-dairy creamer
  • Flavors: Chocolate and vanilla
  • Calories per serving: 150 calories per scoop.

Each serving has 50 grams of protein which helps with gaining weight, building or rebuilding muscles, muscle recovery, as well as muscle mass maintaining once you’re done gaining weight.

The proteins are combined with slow releasing and fast releasing units, which is better than using whey alone. Additionally, there is a total of 20 vitamins and minerals combined into the formula. That’s important for building powerful and endurable metabolism.

The formula is also the carrier of the NSF certification for sports. This formula is also bone-strengthening. The 20 vitamin and mineral combinations also combine Vitamin D and calcium, which not only improve your immunity but also strengthen your bones and muscles. There are also amino acids like Leucine which is important for muscle growth.

You can use it between the meals or before and after workouts. You can also combine it and blend it with other nutrients.

Editor’s note: We don’t see a proper creatin addition to the formula, which is disappointing considering this is one of the most promising formulas. Additionally, it may be hard on your stomach, especially if you’re lactose-intolerant. Lastly, there are artificial colors and flavors, as much as there are the natural ones.

7. Optimum Nutrition, PRO GAINER

If you’re looking for a supplement that will support you through heavy lifting, exercising and massive gain weight, get onto the PRO GAINER wagon and immense into the 650 calories per serving protein and carb bomb.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, iherb
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Maltodextrin, protein blend (whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg whites, whey peptides, wheat glutamine peptides), cocoa, vitamin A, vitamin C
  • Flavors: Vanilla custard, double chocolate
  • Calories per serving: 650 calories

The formula contains 60 g protein as opposed to the 85 g of carbs. It’s also enriched with 22 different vitamins and minerals including Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and others. It contains both natural and artificial flavors, as well as allergens such as milk, eggs, and soy. It’s tested for the banned substances, so you can use it without a problem, especially if you’re an athlete who is looking to gain weight.

The PRO GAINER formula can easily be prepared and mixed with other flavors and ingredients. Additionally, you can use it between meals or even use it combined with your regular daily meals, as a shake.

Editor’s note: Unlike our primary-mentioned option, PRO GAINER isn’t rich in creatin. Also, some sensitive ingredients like eggs and soy, as well as milk could make your stomach upset.

8. MusclePharm, Combat XL Mass Gainer

MusclePharm will allow you to gain weight quickly, thanks to its 250 g carb formula, as opposed to 50 g of proteins. It’s developed in a cGMP-registered lab and made to be gluten-free.

Best Weight Gainers for Thin Guys, Harold P. Freeman, MusclePharm
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  • Type: Powder
  • Key Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Combat XL Protein Blend (whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, micellar casein, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate), cocoa powder
  • Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla
  • Calories per serving: 1270 calories

It’s worth mentioning that the formula is designed for experienced athletes and workout enthusiasts as the formula contains 1270 calories per serving.

It’s also efficient at speeding up muscle recovery and boosting performance at the gym. Combining your formula with your meals and blending it with fruits and other flavors will make for superior efficiency.

Lastly, once you gain weight, you’ll be able to continue using the formula to keep yourself big and tough.

Editor’s note: It’s not rich in creatin and it’s not vegan-friendly. If you have weak immunity and metabolism, it’d be best to look into other options that are richer in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

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